Our History
The Diamond Institute ,Inc.
The Diamond Institute, Inc. Village of Florida, New York
This is where we began.
Building a comprehensive knowledge base of the diamond industry.
Arrival of the benches.
Assembled benches
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The Diamond Institute, Inc was formed in order to develop and integrate the most
modern methods of diamond production available.

Its long term goals was to abolish the almost three years of apprenticeships
prevalent in the industry, and develop a system that could train unskilled workers to
perform at a high rate of precision, using semiautomatic and automatic machines.

This required incorporating electronic equipment that worked much like a
computer, breaking away from the hand held system that was slow and inaccurate.

The long term vision was to mechanize all aspects of diamond production from the
analyzing of the rough diamond, sawing, blocking, bruting and polishing the final

The machines evolved slowly until today a fully automatic diamond cutting factory
will lead the way of the future with more accurate meet points, high rate of polish
and speed of production.