What People are Saying About Us Student Testimonials

"I had heard so many impressive comments about Sofus Michelsen, and I am pleased to say
that reality exceeded my expectations. I was extremely impressed with Michelsen's knowledge,
expertise, professionalism, and personal attention to each of his students. The knowledge I
gained during my 3 weeks at the Diamond Institute, Inc. surpassed what I had previously
learned at gemology courses elsewhere. I am so sure that the Diamond Institute's Diamond
Cutting Program is an outstanding career opportunity, that my daughter and her friend are also
planning to enroll. I recommend this program to anyone seeking a chance to work indepently
with limitless opportunities for success." Brenda Jacoby, JamesTown PA.

"I was cutting stones on the first day ! Sofus Michelsen's teaching style is derived from a
common sense perspective and a homogenized blend of his own experiences gathered during
his many years as a diamond cutter and master faceter. It was refreshing to be given short,
precise lectures on the various theories behind certain procedures, drawings of how the
various angles look on the stone from the cutter's perspective, explicit hands-on training and a
keen guidance on how to hold the tools to my best advantage, and then to be "let go" to try it
out for myself." Emily Smith, Beverly Hills, CA

"The prospect of establishing my own business within a month with unlimited earning potential
is actually attainable. Michelsen's Diamond Institute is on the cutting edge of new ideas and the
American Dream !" Tina Miller, Saratoga Springs, NY

"If the future is as interesting and rewarding as the training program, I will have made a fine
career move." Ron Edwards, Chester, NY

"The excellent program and quality instruction provided by The Diamond Institute has opened
the door to personal and financial freedom." Bill Morris, Saratoga Springs, NY

"I have accomplished something important and I have acquired a skill as a diamond cutter. It
has opened a new career for me. I am excited about the business and feel I will be a success in
an area I never dreamed of." Doug Wahl, Washingtonville, NY

"The equipment I was previously using is by another manufacturer and the difference is like
night and day. This wheel is faster and much easier to use. I especially like the 24 click tang
which enables you to know right where you are at any time. This has been a terrific
educational experience. The Diamond Institute's program and equipment will allow me to
produce better quality stones in a more efficient manner. I am sure this will be of great value
not only to my employer but to my customers." Luanne Gillett, Missoula, MT
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